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The principles of have been Advertising and Marketing on the Internet since 1995, and have been tied with the largest search engines advertising programs for that time. The principles started advertising with banner advertisements and then moving onto Domain Advertising. At this point, we were controlling over 2 millions unique visitors per day across our websites.

As the expertise grew, we started yielding many partnerships with very lage traffic agregators. Now with the connections, the software and the knowledge it is time to launch our expertise and let others maximize on their investments.


Why Should I use is very simple, yet effective way to get you traffic/visitors to your property. Never again have a issues getting traffic to your site. You can tailor the type of traffic you want, and even the times of day you want traffic. Please contact for your personal needs!
What is CPV, PPC, CPA and what do they mean to me?
These are terms in the industry and different types of payment opportunities for paying for your advertising needs. CPV is Cost Per View and you pay everytime your banner is viewed. PPC is Pay Per Click and you pay when a user clicks on your advertisement. CPA is Cost Per Acquisition is when you pay when a user fills out a form. Please contact for your needs!
Where do my advertisements show up?
When contacting your customer service representative, you can easily find out where you will be advertising and view the advertisement live when your campaign is live. You will be able to work with your representative to make sure you are getting the best quality of your ad placement.
Why should I use AdvertiseHere over Google?
Google is in the business of search engine advertising and you can do well there, if you can dedicate your whole time to advertising campaigns. Each advertisement campaign needs to constantly be fine-tuned. We use Google religiously, but feel that there are more avenues for advertisement than just search engine. The ROI is incredible on non-search engine advertisement techniques!


  • Clay Hall,
    We had just completed a very large in-house telecommunication project that took over 1 year to finish developing. I felt amazing that the development and testing issues had just finished and was extremely happy with our new application. We decided to launch it, and to our dismay, our product barely caught on. I thought with this great new product to help people save money and connect with their loved ones that this would be a hit. Sadly, I was incorrect and the company needed to grow. I tried using Adwords, and was losing more money than actually get customers. It seemed like I was at my wits end, and decided I needed to get a company to do this for me correctly. I contacted and was introduced to my customer representative. I told her all about my products and my problem. She assured me that this would not be an issue and that we needed to start targetting the correct audience. After she took my information and details, she responded back to me in 2 hours time in regards how I can effectively market and advertise my product using the AdvertiseHere network. I am now pleased and now can grow my business and not tend to my advertising needs, but rather my development needs. I will be using them for my future projects! Thank you!

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